Value human capital and motivate employees

Employees are not only human they are the company’s assets. Your most important assets walk out of the door every night – you really hope they walk back the next day.

Being involved in a major project can be highly emotional with intense pressure. You want your ERP implementation to be on time, on budget with improved productivity as a result, but the project should also boost morale.

The focus must be on managing the project environment rather than micromanaging people and the bottom line. Don’t over strategize things to death. If operations aren’t running smoothly, more times than not it’s not bad employees, it is bad managers.

Managers are the ones that need to monitor how things are going with employees. They need to identify when something may be wrong and facilitate a solution to avoid any setbacks. If employees are satisfied and happy, the result should be a smooth and successful operation.

Motivate Employees

Provide a sense of meaningfulness – not just during this project but at all times. Far too many people feel like Sisyphus at work. They roll the rock up the hill all day and at day’s end it rolls back over them. Then the next day they start all over again.

Break this cycle by reminding people about everyone who benefits from their efforts. Don’t take this for granted - occasionally bring in your customers so that your people can hear first hand why their work matters.

Offer some control over how the job gets done. People will complain if you have a lot of silly rules and regulations. Only make rules when it directly affects people’s ability to do their jobs, anywhere else give them room to sort it out on their own.

Help them to feel a sense of competence. Anything that can be done to help people feel a sense of self-worth will boost their morale. Give them tools such as customer feedback forms or stats so they can monitor their own performance.

Treat people fairly. Being treated fairly is one of the most important things to employees. Do everything you can to make people feel like they are getting a fair shake and people will respond. Let them know that being honest will not have repercussions.


Treat the project as a strategic planning operation. Study the organization’s implementation plan as a group and create functional level strategies for each department. Having a structure aids in creating goals and objectives for each employee and gives them a sense of direction.

Communicate with the clients so that everyone is clear what to expect before, during and after the implementation. Create a revised service model to meet the needs of internal and external clients.

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