BST Global is an exemplary software company in terms of client service and software satisfaction

I was first involved with BST Global (formerly BST MIS) when I was a project administrator at an engineering consulting company.

The relationship had a rocky start. Our company’s implementation team had gone against BST’s advice and chosen a hardware platform that was undersized and underpowered. As more and more projects were loaded into BST MIS the system became slower and slower and everyone started to complain.

I was one of the naysayers that complained loud and long about the lack of timely reporting. It took three days for the CPU to process the project billing reports at the end of every month! BST handled all our complaints with extreme patience and did what they could to mitigate the situation, even though it was not the fault of the software.

My engineering company asked me to take over as Information Systems Manager in the late eighties (probably to stop me complaining) and I recommended that we move BST MIS to a more robust hardware platform. The move from Prime to VAX was a really good one and BST provided all the support we could possibly need to migrate MIS to a VMS operating system. In fact they did all the work for me remotely at no cost to the company.

BST continued to provide amazing support as I learned our new hardware platform and everything improved dramatically. Project billing reports were now being generated in three hours instead of three days and everyone thought I was a hero!

I remember when GST had to be added to the tax field on some 1300 existing files, project by project. BST wrote a program to automate the task and this saved me a great deal of time - again it was provided at no cost.

A great relationship developed

What impressed me most over the years is how BST always kept their MIS clients fully involved in every aspect of their software development. Through a network of user groups, clients had the opportunity to submit their top ten requests for system enhancements. These were compiled into a master “wish list” at BST and twice a year representatives from each user group met with BST’s principals and programmers for a review. These were great sessions with lots of good natured “negotiation” on whose wish list was the most important!

I have presided over many BST implementations in the engineering consulting industry but I also worked with other ERP software companies in other industries. BST still stands out as “best of breed” in terms of client satisfaction and software excellence.

BST MIS evolved into BST Enterprise and the BST Global group. It is now a worldwide organization whose people and solutions continue to excel.

Barbara Craven

Box 433, Enderby, British Columbia, V0E 1V0, Canada

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