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It will not only keep you up to date on everything you need to know about implementing ERP successfully, it will also provide helpful hints on how to deal with common and not so common ERP software implementation problems.

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Sep 21, 2017

ERP Common Sense on ERP software system implementations

How to successfully implement an ERP software system plus valuable tips on troubleshooting an implementation project

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Jan 19, 2016

About me

About me, ERP Common Sense and Barbara Craven

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Jul 20, 2014

business intelligence software

How business intelligence software, data warehousing and ERP are related

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Feb 24, 2014

ERP problems

Find out why ERP problems exist in every implementation, how to anticipate them and, more importantly, discover how to deal with them in a timely manner

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Jan 02, 2014


IFS manufacturing ERP was implemented in a Canadian company for the first time in 2001

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Jan 02, 2014

ERP workflow

ERP workflow: what should happen before, during and after an implementation to ensure a smooth workflow

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Jul 15, 2012

ERP Implementation Plan

An ERP implementation plan is more than just a to-do list - it is a fact finding mission

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Aug 03, 2011

Project Management

Want to deliver your project on time, on budget and within the agreed scope? Excellent project management is key!

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Aug 03, 2011

ERP Consulting

It could be a good investment but find out if you really need ERP consulting and project management resources for your implementation project

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Jul 07, 2011

Who is looking after your data?

Companies that implement ERP or CRM systems often have a DBA on staff to manage the Oracle or SQL Server database structure - perhaps for the first time.

Database administrators should be highly skilled and well paid because data integrity is key when it comes to a company's sensitive production and financial data.

But there is a startling new trend in the ICT industry. Companies are trying to economize by hiring lower paid, unqualified individuals to fill DBA roles. How do I know? Because I see it on the technical forums where Oracle and SQL Server DBAs are looking for assistance from their peers. These people are asking for help on the most basic DBA issues and some of them are in dire straits with corrupt databases and server crashes.

There is no need to fire an inexperienced DBA - offer coaching, mentoring and upgrading instead. On the job training can be very effective and it is a win-win situation for the DBA and for the ERP data.

Jul 06, 2011

ERP Software Vendor

You will want to have an up close and personal relationship with your ERP software company of choice! Here are tips on ERP software vendor due diligence prior to making a software investment

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Jul 06, 2011

ERP Software Solution

It could be one of the most important decisions your company makes! ERP software solution considerations and what you must do prior to selecting software

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Jul 06, 2011

BST Global

BST Global - hands down my favorite software solution. Find out why this organization has thrived over the years

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Jul 06, 2011

ERP database

How good is your data? Your business depends on the integrity of your ERP database. Make sure that your information accurately reflects the business

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Jul 04, 2011

Implementing ERP

I can guarantee that implementing ERP in your organization will turn out to be a major undertaking! Before you even think about starting the project, study these helpful hints

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